Content Marketing is a huge part of social media. One important use of social media is to drive traffic. Ideally rather than using another source you want to be known as the expert in your industry. Therefore, it is important that you are providing your visitors with unique content. You can hire a content writer or do it yourself. The key is to be consistent, passionate, and to know your niche and audience. I am going to tell you about a tool you can use to help you to accomplish your content marketing goals. This is a content marketing platform called Shareist but first let's talk about content and some other ways to create it. 

If you are not a writer you can also develop content through a podcast using a simple platform such as Spreaker, GeekCast, or others. I myself have been a guest many times on great GeekCast podcasts. I also publish a weekly Social Media Tips Podcast called the Micro Minute. You can also try out developing videos. I have a YouTube Channel where I answer Social Media Questions. I actually use QuickTime Player on my MacBook to record my screen, this way I am able to show viewers step by step instructions and walk them through on how to solve their question. I have also used screenflow to record more in-depth video courses for my Social Media Courses at The School of Internet Marketing. If you do not like writing at all there is another option. First you can hire someone as I mentioned before. Second, you can interview others or invite respected industry thought leaders to do a guest blog post on your blog. 

Whatever you do have a plan of action first. Then it will make it easier on you to plan out what kind of content you will be putting together. I want to share a Micro Minute Podcast on Content Marketing. It focuses on a wonderful content marketing platform called Shareist. My mentor from back in the day Scott Jangro is the Co-Founder. He has gone over the latest updates with me and it is exciting how easy they are making Content Marketing. Not only that but the social tie ins that they have are epic. Even if you are already using a platform such as WordPress you can still use Shareist to help you to better create content. Listen to the Micro Minute and you will learn why. If you have questions feel free to tweet @Jangro or email him at scott(at)

In this Micro Minute you will Learn: Why Content Marketing needs to be a part of your strategy. I talk about a new platform called Shareist that helps you to organize, collaborate, and share your content. It is a tool that will make your life easier whether you are a team or individual working on content it will definitely make a difference. It is so easy to use and you can even publish to your WordPress blog from there. 

If you need help with your content marketing and social media strategy feel free to contact me directly at steph(at)

By Stephanie Lichtenstein