If you are considering DIY Social Media Ask yourself these four questions:

1. Do I know how to best use all of the Social Media Platforms?

2. Do I have the Time to Dedicate Daily to Social Media Accounts?

3. Does the Person that will run my Social Media Know how to Represent my Business Well Online? 

4. Do I or my Team have a Plan of Action on What to Share on Social Media?

If the answer was NO to any of these questions, we have a solution for you. Developing a strategy can be done for you once you speak to a professional about your business and they evaluate your current social media efforts. This process can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months depending on the level of knowledge they are working with. If you do not have the time to manage your social media pages on a daily basis it is better to outsource your social media management to a professional business that can help you. If you do have the resources in-house but the person knows your business and does not know social media well you can get help by having them trained not only on the different social media platforms but also on how to represent your business well online. A strategy is the best way to have employees represent you well online and also an FAQ will help. We can develop an FAQ so that they know how to answer important questions that may arise. 

It is important that whoever is managing your personal and business social media pages that they have a plan of action. Not only a strategy is important but also an understanding of how all the social media platforms work and how to utilize them in different ways. In this Micro Minute I will go over the pros and cons of doing social media yourself or having someone in-house manage it for you. There is also always the option of outsourcing your social media but it is always important to find a good fit.

You need to make sure whoever is running your social media has a basic training of the major social media platforms and that they have a great understanding of your business. Learning who your target audience is and how to speak to them is key. With a business page you need to have a concrete brand voice meaning even if multiple people are managing the page it should be consistent. Following a blue print is ideal and being able to monitor and manage your accounts is also an important part of social media success.

Please take a listen to the Micro Minute Podcast: DIY Social Media. Then decide what you think is the best fit for your business. If you have any social media questions or would like your social media pages evaluated please contact us or tweet me directly @MicroSteph

By Stephanie Lichtenstein