This week on the Micro Minute I wanted to let everyone know about a Facebook update. This one is great because I usually warn people when setting up a cover photo on their business page of all the don'ts. This time I could tell people what you can do! Facebook made an update to their policy showing that you can now include 20% text on your cover photo. Not only that but they are not limiting the contact information which many pages were already in violation of.

This means including your website or phone number on your cover page (which makes complete sense) is now allowed. You can also have a call to action. The only thing they mainly restrict is copyright infringement and misleading users. Good move Facebook. This is something that business pages needed to have and most of them were already doing it anyways. So go ahead and update that cover photo with your company's contact info or a call to action and gain some more business. 

To hear more details you can listen to the Micro Minute Facebook Cover Photo Podcast Listed Below. You can also check out this Inside Facebook Blog Post that has more information on the policy update. 

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By Stephanie Lichtenstein