First and foremost as a business you need to have a blog. Then you also need to have personal pages if not on Facebook (which is more intimate) then on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter. That being said before you can setup a Google Authorship you need to have a personal Google Plus page. When someone is doing research on your business and if they want to work with you, they look for well, YOU. They want to know the people behind the business. They want to connect and know that they can trust you. The Google Authorship takes content to that personal level. 

Why do you need to setup a Google Authorship page? First this ties your Google Plus account to your content. If that doesn't already click perhaps the numbers will. According to the Search Engine Journal having a picture of yourself and your name tied to your content in the search results increases your click through rates from 30-150%!

Listen to the Micro Minute to learn what more about setting up your own Google Authorship and see the steps that Google puts in place for you to do so below. 

3 Easy Steps from Google that shows you how to setup Google Authorship:

1. Have a profile photo (on your Google+ personal page) with a recognizable headshot.

2. Make sure a byline containing your name (must be same name as your Google+ personal page) is on each page of your content 

3. Verify you have an email address (such as steph(at) on the same domain as your content. 

It takes minutes and will significantly increase your Click Through Rate so it is a no brainer, now go out and do it. Blog, Share, and Be Social. If you have not been doing this for your business don't fall behind. We can setup your business and personal Google Plus pages. Contact us and we can help you with all your social media needs including content creation!

By Stephanie Lichtenstein